Transfer Oil behind the scenes - Fabio and Mohamed

Fabio and Mohamed are the main characters of the fifth video on human resources. Let’s discover their experience in Transfer Oil.

Transfer Oil behind the scenes - Andrea and Gabriella

Projects, challenges but also achievements and rewards. Transfer Oil behind the scenes continues with Andrea e Gabriella.

Transfer Oil behind the scenes - Moris and Luca

Transfer Oil production told by Moris and Luca who share their commitment and team spirit for a continuous growth.

At the historical Reggia of Colorno the 2021 Summer Reggia Opera Festival

New hose lines, valves and accessories presented at Transfer Oil's booth during the CIPPE exhibition in Beijing.

Transfer Oil has supported the donation of 2 machine tools to “ITIS Leonardo da Vinci” technical high school in Parma.

The final collection of the 4 previous videos on the setup of our new offices.

The deep attention to every detail: a real value for our customers.

Hospitality through the design and furniture of our offices.

This second clip explains how the interior design improved teamwork and cooperation.

This first clip is about the concept behind the design of our building, and it's part of a series of four videos that we will share every week.

We are trying to replicate those genuine emotions that only a real meeting held with passion and intensity can convey.

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